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Since the summer of 2018, resident members of the Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group have fought the construction of a gas meter station on Longmeadow Country Club property and a new Columbia Gas/Eversource high-pressure pipeline planned to run north through Longmeadow into Springfield.  Aware of the health and safety dangers attached to this project, LPAG members are also concerned about the climate threat that this expansion project poses. Finally, LPAG members question the project’s multi-million dollar price tag, knowing that ratepayers will wind up will paying that bill—while Eversource reaps the profits.

Springfield residents and the Springfield Climate Justice Coalition are concerned about the high-pressure pipeline passing through historic Forest Park and/or the Environmental Justice neighborhoods that lie between Longmeadow and Springfield. This costly, polluting, and unnecessary expansion of gas infrastructure will have disproportionate health and economic effects on residents of color and the poor that will last decades beyond the transition to green energy.


  • Since 2018, our membership has grown from 8 concerned residents to over 190—and those numbers continue to rise.

  • In May of 2019, we drew over 130 town residents to an Energy Facilities Siting Board hearing at Longmeadow High School to voice their concerns about the proposed gas meter station and high-pressure pipeline main.  That night 40 people testified against the gas expansion project—with no one speaking in favor.  The resulting EFSB report cited residents' reservations, ending with a recommendation that our concerns be heeded.

  • At a May 2019 Longmeadow Town Meeting we passed a bylaw that would strictly limit emissions (e.g., noise, odor, etc.) from any industrial gas facility in town and mandated that the gas company be responsible for monthly readings and fines for emissions violations.

  • At an August 2019 Special Town Meeting we passed a bylaw that would ban construction of any industrial gas facility proposed for a Longmeadow residential zone.

  • After appealing to our town leaders and our elected town, state, and federal officials, we received statements of opposition from the Longmeadow  Select Board, Planning Board, School Committee, and Energy and Sustainability Committee.  In addition, statements of opposition were issued by Senator Markey, Senator Warren, Congressman Neal, Senator Lesser, and Representative Ashe.

  • On November 4, 2021, Longmeadow and Springfield pipeline activists held a press conference on the steps of Springfield City Hall to publicly renew their commitment to work together to oppose the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline from a proposed meter station ini Longmeadow north to the Bliss Street gate station in Springfield.


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