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Though Bill Akley, President of Eversource Gas, has acknowledged that the route of their high-pressure pipeline is problematic, he nonetheless pledges that Eversource will pursue this gas expansion plan.


According to a company spokesman, Eversource intends to submit plans for the Longmeadow-Springfield pipeline to the Energy Facilities Siting Board by the end of December of 2021.  After that submission, lawyers and stakeholders from both sides will debate the need for the project as a part of the permitting process mandated by the Department of Public Utilities.


In order for the proposed 16” 200 psi pipeline to operate, it will have to be connected to a new industrial gas facility proposed to be built on 2.2 acres of Longmeadow Country Club land.  This Tennessee Gas meter station site will consist of 5 outbuildings, security fencing, industrial lighting, and external piping—all sited in the midst of an established residential neighborhood within 1/4 mile of an elementary school.   


In order to justify this project, Eversource has begun a public relations campaign of misinformation and equivocation.  Longmeadow residents will need to challenge those statements with facts—as the Longmeadow Pipeline group continues to educate Longmeadow residents and elected officials about the folly of this unnecessary project.

How You Can Help: Take Action Here!


The pipeline, if constructed, would be IN ADDITION TO the gas pipeline already feeding gas to Longmeadow and Springfield.

A full-size, hi-resolution map is here.

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