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TAKE ACTION: Join a Committee

To Join a Committe Email Us: Here


Immediate support needed for:

  • Signage Committee (to oversee creation of personal signs to be used in future stand-outs; to design and distribute manufactured lawn signs and bumper stickers) 

  • Select Board Speak-Out Committee (to attract members to make three-minute presentations on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month/presenters will meet with Michele Marantz to discuss content)

  • Flyer Distribution Committee  (to generate a plan for distribution and to attract members to distribute)

  • Photographer (to document actions such as stand-outs and Speak-Outs)

  • Stand-Outs Coordinator (to organize and publicize future stand-outs)

  • Power Point Committee (to prepare slide deck for local distribution and to determine local venues for the slide show)

  • Letter Petition Committee (to set up format and arrange for distribution)

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Committee (to advise on effective use of social media)

  • Fund-Raising Committee (to determine financial needs and strategies for raising money to meet those needs; to design and implement a Go Fund Me account)


Needed by mid-July:

  • Federal Energy Resources Commission (FERC) Committee (to determine strategy regarding the proposed TGP Metering Station)

  • Legislative Executive Strategy Group (to determine legal and legislative strategy on a state level regarding the proposed Eversource pipeline)



  • Letters to the Editor and Letters to Legislators Team (to construct sample letters to be sent during the resistance process; to disseminate the appeal for letters and phone calls when needed)

  • LCC TV Team (to determine program and the station’s airing schedule)

  • Paid Ads Team (to determine message, timing, and placement for those ads)

  • Media Advisories and Press Releases Team (to write and distribute notices to media sources)

  • YouTube Team (to produce educational events for posting)

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