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Gas is dangerous, polluting and expensive. Using gas to heat our homes and buildings is bad for our health and our climate. Gas companies, like Eversource, are profiting off of gas infrastructure expansion at the expense of ratepayers statewide! 


We envision a just and rapid transition away from gas to a future of clean heat powered by clean electricity. Our environmental justice and climate goals require it! We must stop gas companies from continuing business as usual at the cost of our health, safety, and climate future. This is urgent for our planet, for Springfield and Longmeadow, and for other communities like us. 


Our new Governor, Maura Healey, has made climate one of her main goals. That's why the Springfield Climate Justice Coalition, Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group and the Mass Power Forward Coalition have united to ask Governor Healey to declare, by Earth Day, that there is no future for gas in Massachusetts. We urge Governor Healey to halt new gas system expansions until the state has a concrete plan for a just transition to a clean and green energy future.

Sign this petition to Governor Healey asking her to declare that there is no future for gas in Massachusetts!

You can support this campaign by sharing the petition with your family, friends and communities in Massachusetts! You can use this toolkit to spread the word via email and social media.

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